Asta and Sorens golden wedding

Melodien: My Bonnie is over the ocean

Today there’s a fine celebration,
the flags are a beautiful sight,
a joy is all over the nation,
the clouds in the sky long and white.
In New Zealand
dear Asta and Soren were young, – grew old,
in this free land
they celebrate wedding of gold.

Miss Asta was early house-holder,
au pair, and a girl of know-how,
while Soren in Denmark was bolder
and constantly milking a cow.
When he moved on
down under Equator a home to seek,
he found full sun,
but English he hardly did speak.

Two gold rings were soon on their fingers,
from Heaven, no doubt, they were sent,
there followed the church wedding singers,
and honeymoon spent in a tent!
Slept in garage,
but later woke up to a brighter morn:
In their marriage
two children were happily born.

They worked very hard for the money,
but always found time for a kiss,
though life was not pure milk and honey,
the children found nothing amiss.
Soren’s love now
is old Chinese art, which is called T’ai Chi.
Asta’s sports, – wow!
are yoga and rugby-TV!

In travel they both find a pleasure,
with money saved up they can pick,
exploring a country with leisure,
Australia, Isles Pacifique.
Once in Fiji
a youth spotted Soren, in full alert:
”There’s a Kiwi,
and look, he’s a-wearing my shirt!

Says Asta to Soren one day-time,
”I’ll vacuum-clean before noon!”
Her husband’s a master of end-rhyme:
”What’s that? – Do you vote for Muldoon?”
Well, this couple
are known to be helpful and down-to-earth.
They show, double,
how much to God’s Auckland they’re worth.

It’s time to stand up and get ready,
it’s time to say ’thank you’ and ’cheers’,
a deep breath will keep your glass steady,
but still you’re allowed to drop tears.
”Here’s my rough hand,
reach over and give me a hand of thine,
in this new land
a cup we will take for auld syne!”